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Started in the year 1996 Spudweb has provided Enterprise Network and Data Security Solutions and proved excellence through their expertise, mature processes and experience. The principal activities being Application and Enterprise systems Integration, Enterprise wide network LAN and WAN - National and International and Securing them, Spudweb has helped thousands of its customers to build efficient and cost effective IT services for their business. With combined flexibility and dynamic approach towards the services offered, Spudweb utilizes its partnerships to provide comprehensive solutions. This allows it to develop and maintain long lasting relationship with its customers.

Its partnership with Wipro since 2007 has helped build enterprise and storage platforms, and cater to the networking, call centre and Enterprise software requirements of its customers. Sify which has been with Spudweb since 1999 displays its speciality in Networking, Hosting, Security and Infrastructure Management services. The security expertise is delivered with the help of Safe Scrypt, which helps deploy digital certificates & PKI services, Strong Authenticatio Solutions, Data, Application and Transaction Security Solutions.

Working with a wide range of industry sectors, Spudweb helps you organize your IT infrastructure with the expertise of looking at the finer details of every project without changing your working processes. The experience, flexibility and responsiveness of our organisation, and our focus on understanding your business, enable us to design, build and deliver truly integrated IT services, so that you can maximise the efficiencies and cost savings that convergence brings to business for today and tomorrow.

Ultimately our role is to fine-tune what is right for each individual client and deliver the choice of technologies and services that provides tangible business benefits and thereby achieve the highest possible levels of customer service.

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