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Improve efficiency & transperency in procurement process

To improve efficiency and transparency in procurement process, IFFCO has launched its e-Procurement Initiative - a Web based electronic Procurement system.

The system is designed in such a manner that IFFCO vendors can submit bids online using Digital Certificates. For participation in e-Procurement on IFFCO's website, a vendor would be required to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate as per the Indian IT Act 2000 from a licensed Certifying Authority like SafeScrypt.

The type of Certificate from SafeScrypt approved by IFFCO for its e-procurement process is a RCAI Class 3 for Individuals with Organisation Name.

Product Offering:

 RCAI Class 3 Digital Certificate with Organisation name USB Token

 Usage with IFFCO's Web based electronic Procurement System

 RCAI Class 3 Certificate for Individuals with Organisation Name:

The new RCAI Class 3 Certificate for Individuals with Organisation Name is a Unique digital certificate product, which permits the certificate holder to have his Organisation Name Published in his personal certificate . These certificates are issued only to individual persons who are authorised to represent their organisations for internet-based transactions.

This product identifies not only the certificate holder, but also the organisation where the certificate holder is employed. This provides the relying party greater confidence to trust the certificate and the transaction carried out.

The RCAI Class 3 Certificate for Individuals with Organisation Name can be used for creating digital signatures and as proof of identity in high value transactions.

Certificates are stored on USB tokens:

In order to purchase this certificate, the applicant must personally present himself before an authority approved by SafeScrypt who will identify the applicant on behalf of SafeScrypt. The identification will be based on, at a minimum, a well recognized form of government-issued photo identitification and one other identification credential. The applicant must also provide documentation to prove the validity of the organisation he is employed with and his employment status with that organisation.

Usage with IFFCO's Web based electronic Procurement System



SafeScrypt reserves the right to decide which specific forms of identification would be acceptable for validation. In the absence of a government issued identification, SafeScrypt may prescribe alternate methods of validation.


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