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Sify’s Hosting services offer not only state-of –the-art hosting solutions, but also brings the best of products and services owing to its strategic alliances with global majors such as Intel, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. The combined professional expertise is constantly at work evaluating and providing industry leading technology so that your business can leverage on these services for competitive advantage and be able to achieve customer satisfaction.

Mission-critical applications of e-commerce-based enterprises require a highly reliable hosting service with a high-performance network infrastructure. Sify provides expert-level understanding of the network requirements for your e-commerce applications. We have experts in a variety of Applications, Databases, Operating Systems and Quality Assurance.

Sify Hosting offers a unique range of web hosting solutions, which bundle advanced hosting appliances (servers) and hosting services, which allow the customers to own their servers, instead of choosing a shared server. This solution can be typically used by SMEs, website hosting providers and e-mail service providers.

Dedicated Server
We provide dedicated servers that suit your budget. A wide range of servers of various specifications - space/memory/processors - is available on rent payable in equated monthly installments.

Shared Server
For customers whose site/application are primarily static in nature and do not need large space on a server, we provide shared space. These servers are hosted with us at our Level 3 IDC and offer the benefit of superior infrastructure and network.

Sify works closely with its alliance partners to provide end-to-end solutions for its customers, right from the computing perspective to the network layer.

In order to provide a total turnkey solution, Sify is strategically partnered with the best names in the industry:
Servers : Dell, HP, IBM and SUN.
Storage : EMC, Network Appliances.
Software : Microsoft, Red Hat, Oracle.
Content Distribution : Speedera Networks.


Hosting your applications with Sify enables your business to grow at its own pace by taking advantage of Sify’s scalable bandwidth infrastructure. By co-locating your servers with us you can assure yourself of not having to worry about security breaches and bandwidth availability.

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