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Current CIO Challenges
Growing organisations.
IT complexity.
IT consolidation ( Centralization)
Complex Applications.
Heavy file sharing over networks across the globe.
IT Operations and Manageability ( Remote)
High TCOs.
Data Backup / Replication challenges.

Proposition – Optimisation Story
Infrastructure Optimisation solutions for Enterprise Customers.
Technology Alliances.
Juniper ( Peribit and Redline)
RiT Technologies ( IPLMS)
Citrix Netscaler .
Verint ( Video Surveillance Solutions – Analog / Digital / IP)
Strong understanding of WAN optimisation portfolio across technologies.
Dedicated Sales and Presales team across key regions in India.
Trained technical resources for Implementation and support across the country.


WAN Optimisation
Networking Problems
Need “more bandwidth”
Latency is a secret throughput killer!
Storage Problems
Site consolidation – servers/storage.
Connect islands of storage.
Remote site backup.
Ensure compliance.
Application Problems
Web, e-mail, FTP, Notes, ERP, database, etc...
Slow response times.
Apps often not used... too slow.

Web Application Delivery Challenges

Traditional Approaches to Web Application Delivery

Result: Expensive · Complex · Slow · Doesn’t Scale

The Citrix NetScaler Solution
Result: Cost-Effective,Simple & Scales.

A Typical Multi Location Optimisation

Infrastructure Optimization
WAN Optimizers.
Data Compression – Juniper Peribit.
Traffic Shaping - Riverbed, Packeteer, CISCO.
Application Acceleration – Riverbed, Packeteer, CISCO.
Network Load Balancers
Local Load Balancers – Radware, Juniper-Redline, Netscaler, Cisco.
Global Load Balancers – Radware, Juniper-Redline, Netscaler, Cisco.
SSL Off loading – Radware, Juniper-Redline, Netscaler, Cisco.
Network Admin Enhancers
Data Center KVM ( Keyboard, Video & Mouse) Switches – Avocent.
RiT Technologies.
Video Surveillance over IP
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